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    M&M Facebook Contest Winners | Gandy Orthodontics

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Another month, another Gandy Orthodontics Facebook competition comes to a close – and this was one for the record books. The “Guess the Number of M&M’s Facebook Contest” concluded at the end of March with more than 50 submissions!

    For this particular contest, participants were presented with a picture of a jar filled with M&M’s and asked to guess how many were in the jar.

    From here, participants were asked to like the Gandy Orthodontics Facebook page and make their submission for a chance at winning one of three $100 Visa gift cards. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to web submissions, contestants made their best guesses. Today, we are here to announce the top three winners.

    Here is the moment you have all been waiting for! Your Gandy Orthodontics M&M Facebook Contest winners. Drumroll, please…

    Winner Number One: Maria Gonzales – 970

    Winner Number Two: Sarah Middleton – 1,100

    Winner Number Three: Gaby Feliciano - 1,115

    Total Number of M&M’s = 1,004

    Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated. The top three winners can claim their prize at the Gandy Orthodontics Frisco office or by calling 972-712-9300 to have the gift cards mailed out!

    Stay tuned on the Gandy Orthodontics Facebook Page for our next competition. You know how we like them!!!

    5 Things You Didn't Know About Orthodontics

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Times change, and so do dental braces. There might be many misconceptions about Orthodontics so in this week’s blog, we lay a few babies to bed. Let’s dive right in!

    “Bite” is just as important as straightness

    When we think of “perfect teeth” alignment most likely is the first attribute you would notice, but the truth is it’s more complicated. While having straight teeth is definitely a goal, it is very important for an orthodontist to pay attention to many attributes: Are your teeth straight? Do they meet properly? Does your tongue stick out of your front teeth? Does your jaw hurt or click? Do you have a lot of crowding or large gaps? Have you lost all your baby teeth? Are your teeth and gums healthy? Do you have problems breathing or speaking? This way we can ensure that your smile avoids unfavorable complications during your process.

    An Orthodontist has a lot more training than a Dentist

    You may love your family dentist – we love dentists too. However, having braces done by a general dentist can be risky due to misinformation about your specific needs. Orthodontists are specially trained in tooth movement and jaw function; dentists are not. Orthodontists first go to dental school and become dentists. Then they attend an Orthodontic program for several more years to learn specifically about tooth movement, jaw function, and facial aesthetics. After that, they take a special exam to become Board Certified like Dr. Allen Gandy.

    Retainers really ARE important

    Our “Gandy Grads” can attest to this one. After you get your braces off we will make a mold of your mouth and produce a set of retainers. There are different types of retainers; however, the most important thing is to wear it exactly as Dr. Allen Gandy tells you to. Your retainer is important because it insures that your teeth will not move back into their old position. Remember that it is important to keep your retainers clean. Like your teeth, your retainers can get a buildup of bacteria and white plaque.

    Good oral hygiene is essential

    We harp on the importance of oral hygiene all the time, so why is this something you didn’t know? Well, it’s because with braces it is essential to have proper oral hygiene to get the most out of your treatment. Why spend time and money on treatment and not get your money’s worth? When you get braces, you will want to brush your teeth often because food gets stuck between your brackets. This can lead to bad breath and tooth decay, which is not the direction we want to go.

    Consultations are free

    Well you might have known this one by now because we talk about it all the time, but it’s true – consultations are free. While we are in general business, we are more in the business of making sure you get the right treatment for you. That’s why we offer free consultations. This gives us the flexibility, with no obligation, to thoroughly assess your individual needs. An experienced orthodontist will be able to tell you, with a fair amount of accuracy, what needs to be done: what types of braces you could wear, whether you need extractions, how long your treatment might be, and (ballpark of course) how much it might cost.

    If you are in the market to improve your smile, we hope you choose Gandy Orthodontics. Give us a call at (972) 712-9300 to schedule YOUR free consultation!


    Last updated 1 month ago

    Did you know one of the most serious forms of tooth decay among young children is caused from exposure of an infant’s teeth to sugary liquids? Formula, fruit juice, sweetened drinks, and even breast milk are the main culprits in your child’s tooth decay. Fear not! In this week’s blog we offer some tips on preventing “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay” to help keep your child’s pearly whites gleaming!

    Rapid tooth decay can occur when a baby is put down to bed or a nap with a bottle consisting of anything other than water. Babies drool right? Well, when a child is put down with sweet pools of liquid around the child’s teeth it gives plaque bacteria the opportunity to produces enamel-attacking acids.

    SOLUTION ONE: Water Bottles

    If you must put a baby down with a comfort bottle (We understand, you want both parties to have a good night’s sleep!) make sure the bottle contains water only. If your little one is having trouble falling asleep without their usual beverage of choice, try gradually diluting the bottle’s contents with water over a few weeks to help the child become accustomed to the water bottle.

    SOLUTION TWO: Wiping the Gums

    Babies’ teeth become covered in sugar after feeding. Try wiping the baby’s gums and teeth down with a damp washcloth or a gauze pad. The easiest way might be to place the child’s head in your lap or lay them down on a dressing table, floor, or any other flat surface. Whatever makes the task easier, be sure that you can see the child’s mouth easily to wipe all of the teeth.

    SOLUTION THREE: Sippy Cup Content Control

    Sippy cups can be used as a training tool to help ween a child off a bottle. If your child is less than 12 months (It is recommended that sippy cups be discontinued by the first birthday!) fill the sippy cup with water only at mealtimes. Allowing a child to drink from a sippy up throughout the day with liquids that contain fruit juice, milk, or other sugary liquids can soak teeth in cavity-causing bacteria which can fester between cleanings.

     Whatever your orthodontic issue might be come by and see Dr. Allen Gandy of Gandy Orthodontics at one of our three offices in Wylie, Allen, and Frisco, Texas. We believe in quality and fairness at our practice, and we offer superior care for children and adults using the latest orthodontic technology available. Call us at (972) 712-9300 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.


    Last updated 2 months ago

    Orthodontics and general dentistry have come a very long way in recent years. In a previous blog, The History of Braces, we backtracked the progress of how current dental procedures and best practices came to fruition. It is true that going to the dentist in our countries history was not always as pleasant as it is today. The gold standard of care for dentistry has progressed drastically over the last 238 years of our nation’s history, and is reflected in the oral healthcare of our presidents.

    In 1789, when the first president was sworn into office, there was a lack of oral health professionals in America. Tooth decay, extraction methods and general dentistry were very rudimentary and there weren’t many case studies or proven methods of successful dentistry. If you were a president in that day-and-age, what kind of life would you live? Would oral health be as important as it is today? In this week’s blog, we share some interesting dental tales of some of our most beloved U.S. presidents.


    Our country’s first president suffered from tooth loss from the age of 22. There are myths about George Washington having dentures made of wood, but this isn’t entirely true. In reality, Washington actually possessed a set of dentures which were made of ivory and gold. These dentures were constructed by John Greenwood, Washington’s dentist.


    Our nation’s second president might be the worst dental offender in our country’s presidential history. It is rumored that Adams refused to take care of his teeth and eventually lost them all. He was a notorious smoker from a young age which most definitely contributed to the demise of his smile. Refusing to wear dentures, Adams developed a lisp from his missing teeth.


    President Jefferson could be our gold medal finalist for best oral health. Jefferson not only had the vision to order the Lewis-Clark expedition but he also took impeccable care of his smile. In his late seventies, Jefferson boasted he still hadn’t lost a tooth to age. Not a bad situation for that day-and-age!


    This president has an interesting tale to tell. Lincoln was reportedly deathly afraid of going to the dentist, and for good reason. Due to rudimentary dental procedures, President Lincoln’s jaw was broken during a tooth extraction. He was also under no pain relief during the operation. Lincoln eventually returned to the dentist in caution, self-medicating with his own bottle of chloroform. Aren’t you glad you have Dr. Gandy at your disposal?

    The staff here at Gandy Orthodontics wishes you a very happy President’s Day. If you have questions about oral health care, be sure to ask Dr. Gandy on Facebook at or at @GandyOrtho on Twitter. Dr. Allen Gandy, and the staff here at Gandy Orthodontics, believes that a happy smile leads to a happy lifestyle. Give us a call at our office in Frisco at (972) 712-9300 or at our Allen-Fairview office at (972) 727-3900, or our Wylie office at (972) 429-0300!

    THE SMILE STATS - Dr. Allen Gandy

    Last updated 2 months ago

    We have all heard that your smile is the first thing people notice when meeting you for the first time. Most people will even agree that a great smile can give you an advantage in the game of love.

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and everyone scurrying around to find the right outfit to dress and impress, make reservations at the right restaurants, and buy the right presents for their significant other. In this week’s blog, we researched into some stats about orthodontics to see if there is a correlation between smiles and success with love. 

    Did you know that according to a survey conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), more than one-third of American adults are not satisfied with their smile? It is not a confusing concept concept when you think about it. Forty-eight percent of Americans ages 18-24 have untagged a picture of themselves on Facebook because they didn’t like their smile, according to the AAO study.

    We all live in a world consumed by social media. Many of us believe looking impressive online is as important as dressing up for a date or business meeting. On a professional level, 78% perceive adults with crooked teeth to be unsuccessful. Fourteen percent of those unhappy with their teeth felt that they might be missing out on a better job.

    The stats don’t lie; check out this eye-opening infographic from the study.

    If you are interested in some options to improve your smile, we hope you consider Gandy Orthodontics. Our Frisco, Texas office has been voted the best in the city and we have two additional offices in Allen and Wylie for your convenience. To schedule a free consultation call (972) 712-9300 or contact us on our website at!

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